Why I want to write…

My blog is very new. I have been thinking of starting a log for a long time now.

My reason? Mostly, I need an outlet for my ideas, emotions and thoughts. Living far away from home, with no friends and being a housewife, is not easy at all. You have no outlet and makes you have too much in your head that sometimes you will think your brain will explode.

Writing for me now is like having a friend who would listen to me and when I reread what I have done, it opens up my mind, making me see what I truly feel and what I can do about it.

I have seen that the possibilities are endless. Online blogging makes us have the freedom we’ve never had. Freedom to say what is on your mind, truthfully and baring yourself to the world.

It’s the same as having a really good friend listening to your idea or having a life partner who is there to understand all your crazy thoughts. Thanks for this, I feel much better..

No longer alone…


5 thoughts on “Why I want to write…

  1. No longer alone indeed! I completely relate to your reasons for writing, as this is why I write myself. I am your new follower and I do hope that I will find a new follower in you. 🙂 Enjoy your blogging as much as I enjoy mine!


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