My experience in studying a new language

For almost 2 months, I have been working on learning a new language and I was choosing between Spanish and Arabic. My choice was between a language close to my native language and the language which my husband speaks fluently and this made it a difficult choice for me which ended up in me choosing the Arabic language.

My choice is due to the fact that I already have a mentor to correct me and help me on my study and the practice would be easier, plus I would be able to communicate with my husband even with a group of people and we will not be understood by anyone else. Cool right?!

Now comes the hard part, start studying. I Found free online course, apps and downloadable study materials that cab help me start up. (Just do a google search and you will find tons of materials, if you are truly serious in studying)

As a start, I memorized the alphabets, numbers, days of the week, colors and the typical greetings. The memorization part was easy for me and I was able to learn what was taught to me very fast, in 3 weeks time. During this first 3 weeks, I was not fully dedicated in my leasons but I was still able to learn this basic words.

The hardest part for me is the pronunciation. They have words that are difficult for non native arabic speakers to pronounce no matter how hard you try. Now on my second montb of studies, I am working harder. I am now dedicating 2 hours daily plus an hour of listening to songs or arabic movies to improve my pronunciation.

To be very familiar as well, whenever I speak to my husband, we now try to use as much Arabic words as we can instead of English.

This is what I do so far, I am having progress but I meed to be more docused and dedicated and if you have any more suggestions in order for me to learn a new language faster I would appreciate it! Wish me luck!!


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