Top 5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have the “Happy Call Double Grill Pan” in their Kitchen

I’ve recently had realized that I have this passion for cooking. I learned by watching YouTube videos, reading recipe books, and getting advise from friends and family. A month ago, I came across this video of grill pans and Happy Call always is the top on the search engines, which made me very curious.

I made some research and had decided to buy one; I bought mine from the TV shopping network. I love the product!! I feel like it gave me a lot of possibilities with regards to cooking. I have 100 reasons to recommend it to everyone, but let me give you my top 5.

5 – The cleaning is so easy. The pan is non-stick, cleaning is a breeze and you don’t have to trouble yourself in scrubbing.

4 – Cooks very fast. The heat is trapped on the pan and keeps it there, I’ve always have cooked only on low heat and the pan kept the heat inside.

3 – Cook healthier. Pan is nonstick; you can use less or no oil every time. The flavor is trapped inside the pan and when you cook meat/chicken, the fat is leaving the meat but the flavor stays.

2 – You can save gas. Since the heat gets trapped inside the pan, you can cook faster even with low heat on your stove.

Lastly – My favorite, you can use the pan with different function. I use it as a grill pan, frying pan, pot, baking and it also functions as an oven!! Any food you can make in an oven is possible with Happy Call pan!!

Just have fun experimenting on it, coz I do.. 🙂



Words, once spoken

Can either make you or keep you broken

It is not physical nor visual

But too powerful and can hurt you as usual

We use them daily

But we now hardly say what we want truthfully

Nor do we say more words that are even lovely


We never ran out of them

But I hope, one day

All of us can stop using them, just to cause pain

But start using them to build one another


A farmer had a dog who used to sit by the roadside waiting for vehicles to come around. As soon as one came he would run down the road, barking and trying to overtake it. One day a neighbor asked the farmer “Do you think your dog is ever going to catch a car?” The farmer replied, “That is not what bothers me. What bothers me is what he would do if he ever caught one.” Many people in life behave like that dog who is pursuing meaningless goals.

Life is hard by the yard,
but by the inch,
it’s a cinch.

–Gean Gordon

My experience in studying a new language

For almost 2 months, I have been working on learning a new language and I was choosing between Spanish and Arabic. My choice was between a language close to my native language and the language which my husband speaks fluently and this made it a difficult choice for me which ended up in me choosing the Arabic language.

My choice is due to the fact that I already have a mentor to correct me and help me on my study and the practice would be easier, plus I would be able to communicate with my husband even with a group of people and we will not be understood by anyone else. Cool right?!

Now comes the hard part, start studying. I Found free online course, apps and downloadable study materials that cab help me start up. (Just do a google search and you will find tons of materials, if you are truly serious in studying)

As a start, I memorized the alphabets, numbers, days of the week, colors and the typical greetings. The memorization part was easy for me and I was able to learn what was taught to me very fast, in 3 weeks time. During this first 3 weeks, I was not fully dedicated in my leasons but I was still able to learn this basic words.

The hardest part for me is the pronunciation. They have words that are difficult for non native arabic speakers to pronounce no matter how hard you try. Now on my second montb of studies, I am working harder. I am now dedicating 2 hours daily plus an hour of listening to songs or arabic movies to improve my pronunciation.

To be very familiar as well, whenever I speak to my husband, we now try to use as much Arabic words as we can instead of English.

This is what I do so far, I am having progress but I meed to be more docused and dedicated and if you have any more suggestions in order for me to learn a new language faster I would appreciate it! Wish me luck!!

This is a story of a girl

I was 9.

Like any normal girls my age, I like playing with dolls, reading books and going to school. I have always been scared of the dark and I hate it when night comes. Being pary of a big, lower-middle class family, I have to share everything with my siblings. We slept in one room, wear hand me down clothes from my sister, get second hand toys from cousins and do the housework with the rest of the family.

At this age, everyone is saying that I was a weird girl. I prefer to be alone most of the time and stay on my hiding place, my safe place. Its a small window that I can go inside and close around me. Here, I take all the books I can get and read alone.

I never played with anyone, I like being alone. I hated everyone because I feel like I am alone. No one is there to protect me at night. As a normal girl, I was taught that I should pray every night before I sleep and every morning when I wake up.

I pray everyday, but no one is helping. The monster still comes to me every night. He still do the bad things and no one is helping me. And I always feel like they knew and they are not doing anything about it.

I hated everyone… but suicide is a sin.

Grandma has always said that no matter what, killing yourself will send you to hell. And that scared me. I don’t want to burn, but I also feel very bad with what is happening to me.

I got distant from everyone. I trusted no one and kept my anger and pain inside me. And I promised, I will go far and if I can I will kill that monster. And I kept on living distantly from everyone. No one can ever help you, you alone can help yourself.

Now, I am 16.

I got the chance to leave, was given a second life to study far away and I grabbed it. I have a plan. I will go far and will never come back.

Now at 25, I am stronger and smarter but I have been thinking. Did I make the right choice? Should I have trusted my sisters and parents? Should I have told them what my brother, the monster did to me? Would telling them might have changed anything?

I really don’t know. All I know is that monsters are everywhere, preying on everyone.

And I was just a girl.. And this is my story

Why I want to write…

My blog is very new. I have been thinking of starting a log for a long time now.

My reason? Mostly, I need an outlet for my ideas, emotions and thoughts. Living far away from home, with no friends and being a housewife, is not easy at all. You have no outlet and makes you have too much in your head that sometimes you will think your brain will explode.

Writing for me now is like having a friend who would listen to me and when I reread what I have done, it opens up my mind, making me see what I truly feel and what I can do about it.

I have seen that the possibilities are endless. Online blogging makes us have the freedom we’ve never had. Freedom to say what is on your mind, truthfully and baring yourself to the world.

It’s the same as having a really good friend listening to your idea or having a life partner who is there to understand all your crazy thoughts. Thanks for this, I feel much better..

No longer alone…

History Loved or Unloved? Qaitbay Castle in Alexandria Egypt

A year ago today I first arrived in Egypt. I was so excited to visit old places that I grew up reading in books. Arriving there with my husband in Alexandria gave me a sense longing to have a view of the past and relive the the past.

First stop for us is the closed from home, the Qaitbay Citadel in Alexandria, Egypt. Home of Sultan Al-Ashraf Sayf al-Din Qa’it Bay and located on the Mediterranean sea coast has successfully defended Egypt from invaders during the 15th Century.Front view of the Citadel20131021_131323

The citadel is a beauty and I was awed with what I have seen inside. The building itself is still functioning even after the long years that has passed. I took lots of pictures from the outside and inside the citadel. It was surrounded by a wall and the canons are still there.

One observation I have seen is that the place is no longer well maintained. Garbage are just thrown in the corners and some books or leaflets for tourist are full of dust and no one cares anymore to arrange or give them out.

What broke my heart literally are the vandalism on the wall as shown on the picture below.


I think historical places like this should be taken cared more not only by the government but also by the people. Respect of history should be instilled to everyone especially the young ones.

My trip there was great, made me learn a lot about the place and made me appreciate its architecture.