Top 5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have the “Happy Call Double Grill Pan” in their Kitchen

I’ve recently had realized that I have this passion for cooking. I learned by watching YouTube videos, reading recipe books, and getting advise from friends and family. A month ago, I came across this video of grill pans and Happy Call always is the top on the search engines, which made me very curious.

I made some research and had decided to buy one; I bought mine from the TV shopping network. I love the product!! I feel like it gave me a lot of possibilities with regards to cooking. I have 100 reasons to recommend it to everyone, but let me give you my top 5.

5 – The cleaning is so easy. The pan is non-stick, cleaning is a breeze and you don’t have to trouble yourself in scrubbing.

4 – Cooks very fast. The heat is trapped on the pan and keeps it there, I’ve always have cooked only on low heat and the pan kept the heat inside.

3 – Cook healthier. Pan is nonstick; you can use less or no oil every time. The flavor is trapped inside the pan and when you cook meat/chicken, the fat is leaving the meat but the flavor stays.

2 – You can save gas. Since the heat gets trapped inside the pan, you can cook faster even with low heat on your stove.

Lastly – My favorite, you can use the pan with different function. I use it as a grill pan, frying pan, pot, baking and it also functions as an oven!! Any food you can make in an oven is possible with Happy Call pan!!

Just have fun experimenting on it, coz I do.. 🙂