How to apply as a Text Responder – Working at Home

I recently came across a site looking to hire text responders called KGB – Special agents. I know, the job title is catchy isn’t it. My first thought was.. Wow!! Must be some government research experiment. LOL..

I took the time to read the job description, got curious and I said, Darn it, just go for it. The application process is quite easy.

First, you have to take the exam which they call the KGB special challenge. It’s a test of how quickly you can research and answer  questions as each question is timed. This will only take 15 mins.

After you pass this challenge, you have an option to move forward with you application or not. If you do decide to apply, you will just fill out a form with your email address and wait for an email to start the training.

I received my email after 24 hours, to start the training. Before starting the training, you have to make sure that you have the required documents as you will be required to visit their office to submit copies of these documents, the email will indicate what is required.

The modules are quite easy and entertaining. I was able to finish it in 1 day although you have 5 days to finish it. Once done, after 12 hours, I received the next email for the simulation and certification where I was again given 5 days to finish.

I’m still in the process of practicing for my certification, will let you know how it goes!